Heritage – according to our definition – is the priceless health we inherited from our parents. This wonderful world, full of interesting flora and fauna, is the treasure inherited from Mother Nature. As we grow up, the wear and tear of our physical wellbeing is getting more obvious. Poons Heritage hopes to revive and recover the health, beauty and well-being that many of us inherit.

Eager to revive the health of our end-product consumers, we return to the embrace of nature. Thus our company name – Poons Heritage.

Poons, derived from Poon Tree, is a tropical evergreen tree in the family of Calophyllaceae. In Malaysia, it is known as Bintangor tree. It is known also as Calophyllum, which is a flowering plant genus of around 180-200 species. Its members are widely distributed in Australasia, Madagascar, Eastern Africa, South and Southeast Asia, the Pacific Islands, the Caribbean and Latin America. Their names are interesting too – Teitai (Kiribati), Feta’u (Tonga), Bintangur or Nyamplung (Indonesia), Tharapi or Therapee (Myanmar), Bintangor tree (Malaysia) and Poon Tree (India), Guanandi, Jacareuba or Santa Maria (Latin America). Such a worldwide distribution also resembles the business of Poons Heritage – making good use of knowledge and technology from everywhere in the world and put them under international standard to produce first-rated products for worldwide consumers.

Researches in the United States found that the leaves and Calanolide A of Calophyllum lanigerum trees in Malaysia are effective in anti-HIV activity.  Given such a great function, from our point of view, Poon Tree resembles an image of reviving and improving health.

In other words, Poon Tree embodies versatility, wellness, resilience, evergreen, heritage of Mother Nature, heritage of human’s creation towards the betterment of mankind’s health and vitality. Selecting Poons as our company name represents our determination to protect the health heritage that may have been more or less affected by modern lifestyle.

The objective of preserving and passing on the heritage of mankind in living and total wellness is never an easy task. We have to make sure every material is genuine and safe. Every procedure is strictly adhering to international standard.  Concurrently, we do not forget to monitor the packaging so as to ensure that all end products are well packed and remain in good condition during delivery in different weather conditions.

Another key element in our services is that we consult and advise our client companies with sound knowledge. For all projects, we have to go through a stringent process to verify if their new products are feasible, and more importantly, beneficial to the consumers. By making sure all procedures and details are adhering to the requirements of all parties – regulations of the authorities in different countries, demands of clients and consumers – only can we produce something valuable in the market. We firmly believe that product quality is the best marketing tool in itself, for quality is the element that speaks volumes about how good we are.

Garnering the reputation as an ethical OEM / ODM one-stop centre, we look forward to explore more and more new products together with like-minded companies from different countries. We walk our talk, and speak the same language – business ethics and integrity.

Engaging client companies and manufacturers under the big umbrella of ethical values and trustworthiness, we are always well prepared to go the extra miles to reach new height of success.

Why Us?