Stromal vascular Fraction (SVF) is a by-product of adipose harvesting of excess fatty tissue. This fraction contains a large number of stem cells, termed adipose derived stem cells.  These cells are similar to those derived from bone marrow in which they are capable of multi-lineage differentiation.  ​

SVF of adipose tissue is a potent source of pre-adipocytes, mesenchymal stem cells, T cells, B cells, enthelial progenitor cells and adipose tissue macropages.​

SVF demonstrates a strong safety profile from a multo-centre analysis of SVF injections in treating various diseases such as diabetic foot ulcers, various orthopaedic applications, erectile dysfunction, aesthetic treatments and many more. Hence, SVF is an attractive therapeutic method given that the harvesting process is safe, and the cells are readily available in large quantities. ​

With Stem Cell Workstation (BeautyCell) and STEMPIA Isolation Kits, it’s possible to achieve high viability and yield rate of SVF with simpler and shorter process time. ​ ​

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