A unique multi-functional workstation which combines a clean bench with a centrifuge and shaking incubator. Its integrated design enables the operation of centrifuge and shaking incubator in a clean bench which provides aseptic condition by air circulation with HEPA filter. It minimizes the risks of contamination when conducting stem cell isolation or other biological application. ​

One-stop solution that can be done in a clinical environment. Excellent multi-functional workstation system for the isolation of Stromal Vascular Fraction (SVF) with STEMPIA Isolation Kit. Extraction of PRP and other biological applications can be done in the workstation under a clean environment. ​


  • Bio-workstation, HEPA Filter and UV Sterilization

     99.99% HEPA Filter efficiency for 0.3µm particles & UV Sterilization makes class 100 ​
      condition for safe cell handling in a contamination-free environment. Airflow is ​
      through HEPA filter.​

  • Centrifuge

      For cell or blood isolation using centrifugal force. Teflon Coated Chamber for easy cleaning and ​
      resistant on chemical. Microprocessor control, Unbalance Detection/Buckets.  ​

  • Shaking Incubator

      Stable shaking by BLDC Magnetic Induction motor. Stable Temperature Control by micro ​
       process. Holder Platform for 15, 50ml tubes and easy replaceable structure. ​

  • Pressure Gauge 

      To recognise the time for filter replacement. ​

  • Foot Switch

Designed to provide operational convenience for centrifuge and shaking incubator. ​

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Clean Bench
Centrifuge & Shaking Incubator
UV Lamp
HEPA Filter
Pressure Gauge
Foot Switch
Interior Outlet
Cabinet for Storage