With a track record of over 120 products with 35 companies from our healthcare and cosmetology original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and original design manufacturers (ODM), we pledge to continue our effort together with our clients to provide the best products for consumers. Our products are distributed under our clients’ in-house labels and are marketable throughout the world.

Skin Care Body CareCosmeticsHealth Food & 
Nutritional Supplement
Cleanser ​
Toner ​
Hydration Mask Sheet ​
Body Lotion​
Body Scrub​
Shower Gel​
Shower Oil​
Body Oil
* For all skin types
Compact Foundation​
Liquid Foundation​
Lip Balm​
* For all skin types
Soft Capsule ​
Liquid ​
Powder (Jar, Stick)​
Hard Capsule