Founded in 2003, Poons Heritage began its business as a one-stop centre specialising in private label and contract manufacturing to develop and produce cosmetology products and health supplement. We are based in Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia, and cooperating with companies from Malaysia, South Korea and United Kingdom.   

With the advancement of science and technology, we have expanded and started new ventures to introduce upcoming innovative technology to the local scientific and medical community. At Poons Heritage, we are committed to providing our clients with the best service possible. Our clients can be sure that the needs are met. Our international partners work with us because they believe in the value of our company and the relentless support, services and satisfaction we deliver to our customers. 

Our company scope of business is divided into two specialized division, the Cosmetology & Health Supplements Division and Life Science Division, to meet the industry demand. 

Cosmetology and Health Supplements  

Under our Cosmetology & Health Supplements division, we focus on business to business level and we are backed up by renowned manufacturers with proven track record.  Our cosmetology and health supplement products are distributed under our clients’ in-house labels and marketable throughout the world. Our clients can be rest assured that we will deliver the results that they aim for.  We adhere to international standard and we are supported by manufacturers which comply with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) principles as required by the Malaysian Ministry Of Health (MOH) and Korea Food And Drug Administration (KFDA).  

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Life Science  

Under our Life Science division, we are dedicated to bring cutting-edge technologies from our partners and principles to our valued customers. Our company has been selected as an exclusive distributor representing our reputable principles in the scientific and medical communities.  

  • Poons Heritage represents as an exclusive distributor of N-BIOTEK Inc., South Korea for its specialized range of equipment in the isolation of Stromal Vascular Fraction (SVF) derived from adipose tissue.  
  • Poons Heritage represents as an exclusive distributor of Baker Ruskinn for its specialized range of equipment involving anaerobic & microaerophilic workstation.  

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