International Society for Stem Cell Application (ISSCA) has been founded in 2016 by Dr. Daeyong Kim, CEO of N-BIOTEK, based on the six missions:  

1 )Leading Regenerative Medicine by Stem Cell Treatment,  

2) Increase Exchange Stem Cell Technology and Application,  

3) Make a Standard Protocol and Facilities based on CGMP,  

4) Develop Stem Cell Application and Products,  

5) Provide Scientific and Clinical Evidence for FDA’s Approval,  

6) Contribute to Human Health and Happiness for Improvement.  

According to these missions, we are building research and worldwide human networking about regenerative medicine through conference, symposium, training and so on and also growing continually since the foundation. ISSCA is recognized as the global stem cell society to provide stem cell total solution from consultation to operation. ISSCA brings together a broad range of practitioners and scientist in the field of Regenerative Medicine to increase the collective knowledge and representation of the speciality of Regenerative Medicine. Moreover, our society has a characteristic that can encompass everyone from researchers, professors, doctors, government officials to business people. Please come and join ISSCA! Let ISSCA lead the advanced regenerative medicine and become the influential society in the world together!   

ISSCA Symposium

ISSCA Symposium

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